How to use our Cashflow Labels

Do you have customers that ignore your payment terms? Then try our Cashflow stickers on your invoices and Statements.  Start with a friendly reminder a week after your due date, then remind them again with a firm reminder. If all else fails, we have some pretty scary ones that give results, without having to pay for a debt collector. Our online price is $10.00 per 100 labels including gst for a short time only, and you can order a mix of labels in multiples of 10.  Example 10 of AL 1,   30 of AL 371,  60 of Al 210.
View the different categories and write down each code you require and the amounts.
Then go to the overdue accounts order page and fill in your requirements.

2 thoughts on “How to use our Cashflow Labels

  1. Finally found where to buy these labels. Nobody was paying attention to our statements until we put your reminder labels on them. Now around 75% are paying within our terms. That’s way better than what we had before. Thank you Able Labels

  2. Good Idea. We were doing warning printouts on our statements about the account was way overdue. Didn’t work. But these red scary ones did the trick. Thanks for these

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